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– Designed For Containment –

Window Guard

Prevent – Defend – Secure

Secures Oem Window

Our easy to install window guards are made of high strength steel with rust proof powder coating. There is no way anyone can get through these.

Easy Installation

No one wants to spend their day installing window guards so we made them easier and quicker to install.


Our Window Guards keep detainees away from the windows. Punch, kick, or even hit with a metal baseball bat; they stand up to the harshest conditions.

Mount Securely

Our Window Guards mount directly to the OEM door. This quick and easy install saves tons of time and money.

Polycarbonate Option

Increased Visibility


Simple Install

With only 11 mounting points,
the install is a breeze. Both rear
windows are done in minutes,
saving time so that officers can
get back to protecting each
and every one of us.

Custom Steel Design

With our Window Guards, there is no way a detainee could possibly get through to the glass.

Install in 1/2 the Time


Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install PTS Window Guard

Competitor install time

Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install Competitor Window Guard

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