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Prisoner Transport Systems- Our Front Partition was perfectly designed with both the officer and the upfitter in mind.

  • Durability- Officers need to know their partition system is durable enough to keep them safe in any situation. With that we have engineered our partition to be more durable! To prove how strong our partition is we ran it through rigorous testing. To see these tests click here.
  • Weight Reduction- Half the weight! Our front partitions were specifically designed to be half the weight of traditional partition systems. Traditional Partitions just slow the vehicle down, PTS partitions are lighter making the vehicle faster and providing savings on fuel. We also care about the upfitter, our lightweight system makes install faster and easier.
  • Speed- We hate the hassle of spending a whole day assembling and mounting a partition system so we decided to make a change. PTS Front Partition system installs in a third the time as traditional front partitions. Our streamlined process makes installing our system a breeze. 
  • Space- We know that officers come in all shapes in sizes so we designed our front partition to allow the officer's seat to move in a full range of motion. 
  • Quiet- Nothing is worse than constant metal on metal rattle throughout the day. We decided enough was enough and designed our partition system to be quieter than traditional steel partitions. Our system offers an easier and smoother ride for the officer.

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Prisoner Transport Systems Rugged Front Partition comes with multiple screen options to help you tailor fit your fleet.  Simply choose the screen option that best fits your needs and request its corresponding part number with your quote.


W01 - Standard Poly Carbonate


W03 - Slider Window with Chicago Screen

W02 - Fixed Chicago Screen


W04 - Slider Window with Single Bar