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Patent Pending

– Over 20 Years of Experience –


Stronger – Faster – Quieter


Less Noise = Greater comfort and less irritation, so the officer has a better day on the job.

Light Weight

Our Partition is light weight saving the department on gas, so they can spend that money where it really matters.

Industrial Strength

Our Front Partition stands the test of time, meaning you won’t be spending time replacing broken or damaged partitions.


The innovative, patent pending design of our Front Partition installs in half the time. This saves both the upfitter and department precious time and money.

Setting the Industry Standard

Our engineering team created the industry standard for custom molded ABS Plastic Front Partition technology.

Our Front Partition has been engineered with optimal features for the officer. We capitalized on our 20 years of experience and countless discussions with law enforcement agencies and upfitters when designing this product.

Putting Safety First

Our number 1 priority is the officer’s safety. We engineered our partition to give the officer peace of mind when transporting an unruly detainee.

Our partition is airbag compliant as well as FMVSS 209 certified.

Multiple Screens Available

Chicago Slider


Single Bar Slider


Mounts Directly onto B-Pillar

We know what a pain cutting and mounting brackets are for installs, it takes FOREVER. That’s why we engineered our Front Partition to mount onto the B-Pillar using the existing grab handle mount without the need to cut the trim – slashing the install time in half.

Light Weight

Because officers spend all day on the road we designed our Front Partition using our exclusive polymer-blend, making it HALF the weight of Steel, saving you TONS of money on gas.

Install in 1/2 the Time


Avg Minutes for 2 People to Install PTS Front Partition

Competitor install time

Avg Minutes for 2 People to Install Competitor Front Partition

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