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– Putting Officer Safety First –

OS-Belt System

Never Reach Again

Rear Partition

Every OS-Belt system comes with a rear cargo partition to keep detainees out of the rear of the vehicle.

Transport Seat

Also included with the OS-Belt system is our transport seat, filling out the whole rear package. Include other PTS products to create the perfect rear cage.


The OS-Belt was created with the officer’s safety in mind. We designed a way to restrain detainees, without putting the officer at risk. We want to make sure every officer makes it home safe.

Designed With Officer Safety in Mind

The OS-Belt system is the centerpiece to the perfect rear cage. With our Front Partition, Window and Door Guards and our V-Drain Floor Pan, you create a secure reliable rear cage.

Buckle Up With Our NEW Retractors

Our new dual-sensitive retractors are above and beyond FMVSS standards and work in every situation. In the case of a slow roll-over or high-speed accident, our webbing is designed to lock automatically keeping the prisoner safe.

Multiple Screens Available



Polycarbonate/Steel Combo


Officers have told us the scariest part of transporting a detainee is the buckling process. No one wants to reach over an unruly passenger to buckle them up, we don’t blame you. That’s why we moved the buckle.

All the officer has to do is unbuckle the belt from the front partition and buckle it to the seat.

– Chief Glenn

“If I ever have to reach
across a detainee to buckle
them, I won’t do it.”

Install in 1/2 the Time


Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install PTS OS-Belt System

Competitor install time

Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install Competitor Belt System

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