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The Dodge Charger seat system provides the most available space for prisoner transport. Thus giving officers more room to load and unload prisoners. The ergonomic design of the seat insures that prisoners stay seated and in place once loaded.

We've used the geometry provided from Dodge to ensure that each seat fits tightly to the interior of the vehicle and leaves no room for prisoners to store or hide contraband. Combined with the OS-Belt system prisoners can be loaded and secured quickly which allows officers to focus on their surroundings.

The materials used in our seating discourage microbial growth and foster fewer orders. Not only making it easier to clean but also keeping the mobile office environment a healthier place to work and breathe. Outfit your fleet with the Dodge Charger Prisoner Transport Systems Seat System and make a decision you'll never regret.


  • Quick and easy clean up and maintenance
  • More prisoner transport space that allows easy load of prisoners
  • Engineered to fit the vehicle geometry and keep contraband easy to spot
  • Healthier work environment that discourages microbial growth and odors