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– 5 Minute Install –

Door Caps

Fits over oem doors

No Disassembly of OEM door

You do NOT need to remove the existing door panel, saving you time, money and storage costs.

Prevent Escape

Just like the rest of our products our Door Caps are durable and prevent a detainee from breaking or damaging OEM door panels. Our Door Caps keep detainees from getting to the door handles.

Cover All Fronts 

Our Door Caps completely cover the existing door panel. The best part is that you don’t need to remove the OEM door panel. Instead simply slide the door caps over the door panels, and fasten down. This design saves everyone precious time and money that can be spent on what really matters.

Seamless Integration

We hate how much storage space OEM door panels take up once removed. We thought there has to be a better way. And there is. Our Door Caps are perfectly designed to slide right over the existing OEM door panel. When the vehicle is ready to be recommissioned all you have to do is remove our Door Caps.

Tamper-Proof Design

Our exclusive polymer blend holds up to the worst abuse. You won’t need to replace any broken or damaged door panels.

Protect Oem Panel

Our Door Caps install right over the existing door panels. There is no need to remove or store the existing door panels.

Install in 1/3 the Time


Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install PTS Door Caps

Competitor install time

Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install Competitor Door Caps

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