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Electronic Fold Down Cover

Protect Your Electronics

Attaches to O.S. System

Our Electronics Fold Down Cover fits both the Ford Utility Interceptor and the Chevy Tahoe. This is the perfect electronics mounting solution.

Hinge Design

The Hinge allows the electronics to be easily accessible. No need to remove parts from the vehicles, it simply folds down for easy access to the electronics.

Heat Ventilation

The new cargo covers have cutouts to allow the heat from the electronics to escape, keeping your electronics cool and secure.

Security And Privacy


Our Fold Down Cover provides security and privacy for all of your important electronics. Electronics are mounted directly onto the panel and then folded up to keep them protected. Electronics can be the most expensive thing in the vehicle, we want to keep them safe.

The Perfect Add-on

The Electronics Fold Down Cover is the perfect add-on to the O.S. belt system. With the ability to hold all of your electronics in one place the Electronics Fold Down Cover is the best electronics storage system on the market.

“We lay all of the fold-downs on tables,
then we mount the electronics, then we
install the fold-downs into the vehicles.
It saves us hours since we can do all of
the vehicles at once.”


Out of Sight, Out of mind

Our Electronics Fold Down Cover is the perfect way to prevent damage of your very expensive electronics, while maximizing rear cargo space.

Tons Of Room

The Electronics Fold Down provides plenty of room for all of your electronics in one convenient place.

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