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– Form Fitting Design –

Transport Seat

Stronger – Cleaner – Safer

Thermal Formed

Our seats are thermal formed using our exclusive polymer blend right here in the USA. Our seats will never buckle or crack under pressure even with larger detainees.

Form Fitting Design

The ergonomic design of the seat allows for easy detainee insertion. Our recessed handcuff design keeps the detainee from complaining.

Easy To Clean

Our Seat System was engineered with smooth edges to make clean up a breeze. Simply wipe down or rinse off with water and soap.

Modular Design


Our Transport Seats are the most innovative in the industry. Include our window guards, door caps, floor pans, and front/rear partitions to form the perfect transport solution. With our negative force-fitting design all points of contact are completely covered, preventing any concealing of contraband.

Easy to Clean

No-one wants to clean a really messy seat after one of those bad transports. Pair with our V-Drain floor pan and take a hose to the inside so the mess will drain out of the bottom, keeping your hands clean.

New in 2019

Our new bench seat design offers even more space for easier detainee insertion and officer rescue situations. Closer to the OEM original seat than ever before.


Our seat has a recessed area for the arms of the handcuffed detainee for more comfort. The last thing officers want to hear when transporting a detainee is more complaining.


Our exclusive polymer blend prevents cracking, meaning no broken seats or replacements.

Install in 1/2 the Time


Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install PTS Transport Seat

Competitor install time

Avg Minutes for 1 Person to Install Competitor Transport Seat

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